When Slip & Fall Injuries Are An Everyday Dangerous Hazard

October 30, 2019

Key Points of This Article: While some circumstances of a fall may sound funny, in reality, people get seriously injured by ordinary objects every day.24% of all fall-related deaths in Florida’s over-65 population happen in nursing homes and 87% of our nursing homes don’t get the top rating during their health inspections.In Florida, a lawsuit is sometimes the only way to get the compe...


Boater Alert – Florida Continues to Lead Nation in Boat Accidents

October 22, 2019

Key Points of This Article : More boating accidents happen in Florida than anywhere else in the countryBoat accidents have a higher risk of injury or death due to fireWhether a driver, an onboard passenger or a person hit in the water, you need legal representation from a lawyer who understands boating law and will protect your rights Do you know Florida has more boating accidents than ...


Most Floridians Drive Distracted More Than 3 Miles a Day

October 9, 2019

Key Points of This Article: You probably drive distracted by your phone every day; you just don’t realize how far you will drive in just five seconds of distraction. Evenings at five o’clock is the worst hour for distracted driving, when more than 12 minutes are spent distracted in that hour. Find out what to do after a car crash and how to find power and peace of mind in ...


Uber and Lyft Accidents

October 4, 2019

It is almost impossible to deny that ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft have changed the way Americans get around. These companies make getting from one place to another more convenient and at a competitive price point. Every day, millions of people use Uber or Lyft to get to their destination and, thankfully, most of them get there safely and without a problem. But what happens when...


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