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James Simmons, Esq.


Attorney James Simmons is a personal injury warrior and accomplished champion for his clients serving North and Central Florida. He is the Owner and Founder of The Simmons Law Group, which (aside from personal injury) specializes in nursing home abuse/neglect, employment law, and negligent security claims. His passion for helping others in need is that he, himself, faced similar difficulties in pursuing justice after a traumatic injury before he became an attorney. In 2008, Attorney Simmons was involved in a catastrophic motorcycle accident suffering traumatic injuries. His body was broken, the motorcycle he drove was totaled, and his hospital care led to hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses. It was at that point where he realized that people are vulnerable and the laws in Florida do not always protect the injured. This adversity became a wakeup call for Attorney Simmons and forced him to refocus his career to aid others and fight for them during their difficult times. Attorney Simmons has been there, and he can help you.

Attorney Simmons’ legal career has been centered around helping those in need and he strategically worked to learn how insurance companies, corporations, and even governmental agencies get away with providing unfair results to those seeking justice. He first started out his legal career practicing Administrative Law at the Florida Department of Financial Services (in their Agency Licensing Department) so that he could learn the inner-workings of the insurance industry. He later spent the next six years working for two of the largest Fortune 500 Civil Defense Law Firms in the nation. He spent this time defending insurance companies, medical facilities, nursing homes, corporations, and physicians facing medical malpractice claims. He obtained this experience so that he could understand all aspects of the defense side so that when he represented those seeking justice, he would know all the strengths and the weaknesses of his opponents.

For three years, prior to working with Kemp, Ruge, and Greene, Attorney Simmons continued sharpening his skills by learning from the best and fulfilling his calling by representing the injured. At that time he worked for one of the largest Personal Injury Law Firms in the Country. During those three years, he obtained over $9 MILLION in Client recoveries stemming from car accidents, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, semi-truck accidents, brain and spine injuries and wrongful death. Aside from the monetary recoveries and results of each case, what gave Attorney Simmons satisfaction was “the look on his clients’ faces” when they knew he’d given it his all and have helped them through one of the most difficult situations of their lives. Contact us now to see how Attorney Simmons can help you!


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