Preparing for Divorce

Divorce often involves a lot of emotions, making it a complex legal issue. The easiest way to get through this difficult time is to be prepared for the negotiation process. When you are prepared, you can quickly come to a settlement agreement and move forward with your life. The healing process cannot begin until the divorce is finalized. When you need quality legal representation for your divorce, speak with the attorneys at the Kemp Ruge and Green Law Group.

Preparing for divorce is getting all the necessary information for your attorney. You will want to gather financial records, records of assets and debts, and any supporting information needed for child custody or support issues. Your family law lawyer may ask for additional information as well. Bring everything you need to the meetings so the divorce can proceed without delay.

Kemp Ruge and Green Law Group also provide personal injury representation. If you have been injured by the negligent actions of another person, contact our law office for a free consultation. We will protect your rights as an injury victim and seek maximum compensation for your claim.

We also have lawyers that are dedicated to criminal defense. If you have been charged with any type of crime, you do not have to face the justice system alone. Speak with one of our defense attorneys about your case. Having quality legal representation will help you get the best possible outcome for your trial.
Tampa area residents can also rely on Kemp Ruge and Green Law Group for help with their property insurance claims. Contact our attorneys if your home or business has been damaged and you need to file a claim. We will help you through the process so that you get the most compensation for your losses.

Basic Information on Trucking Accidents

On July 31, 2022, an 80-year-old woman from Brandon died in an accident with a tractor-trailer near US 301 and Payne Road in Dade City. The driver of the semi-truck was a 65-year-old man from Georgia. The driver of the truck did not suffer a personal injury. Florida Highway Patrol stated that they are currently investigating the accident and have not released any details about the cause of the event.

A Look At Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents are always serious events. In most cases, these accidents result in fatalities or catastrophic injuries for the people in the smaller passenger vehicle. Those passengers with injuries often face large medical bills and long recovery periods. Trucking accidents are complex cases because they involve both federal and state laws. If you have been involved in a trucking accident, contact the attorneys at Kemp Ruge and Green Law Group.

Other areas of law may also become involved depending on the circumstances surrounding the trucking accident. There may be a need for criminal defense if any drivers were under the influence during the accident or someone was an unlicensed driver.

You may need to file property insurance claims if the personal property was damaged during the accident or if the commercial property was damaged because of the event. Third parties not directly involved in the accident may need to file a claim because their property is also damaged.

Because trucking accidents are such complex matters, it will always be beneficial to have legal representation when filing a claim for compensation. Kemp Ruge and Green Law Group is a full-service law firm offering services for personal injury, family law, criminal defense, and property insurance claims. Call Kemp Ruge and Green Law Group and schedule a free consultation today if you have been injured in a trucking accident.

Injured at Work? Why You Need Representation

Worker’s Compensation Insurance was started to protect employees who are injured while at work. The program is designed to cover medical costs and pay partial wages while the employee is unable to work. It sounds like a very straightforward program, but many injured employees are treated unfairly. To protect your rights to receive compensation for a work injury, speak with an attorney from Kemp Ruge and Green Law Group.

Injured employees must be careful that the insurance company treats them fairly. Insurance adjustors like to delay and deny claims in an effort to save money. Adjustors are also likely to push for a return to work before the doctor believes that you should return. Returning to work before your personal injury is healed could lead to additional harm. When you have an attorney managing your claim, they will ensure that you do not return to work until the doctor approves.

A Full Service Law Firm You Can Trust

Kemp Ruge and Green Law Group provide quality legal services for a variety of issues. In addition to personal injury law, we also provide complete family law services. We can help you with anything from divorce to establishing paternity. Domestic violence issues, child support or visitation changes, or any other family-related issue can be managed through our office.

Our law group also provides criminal defense. If you have been charged with a crime, you do not have to face the trial on your own. Protect your rights and speak with one of our defense attorneys today.

Tampa area residents also know the hardships that come with filing a property insurance claim. Don’t let the insurance companies reduce your claim for property damages from storms, fires, sinkholes, or other disasters. Schedule a free consultation today.

4 Steps To Proving Negligence

On July 18, 2022, a 51-year-old man exiting I-275 near Tampa caused a multi-vehicle accident that led to the death of two people. The man was driving down I-275 when he exited near Kennedy Blvd. The man looked down at his cell phone while exiting and smashed into the stopped vehicle in front of him. The impact caused that vehicle to smash into two others. Two fatalities were reported as well as multiple injuries. It was not stated if the driver who caused the accident suffered a personal injury. FHP is still investigating the incident.

The injured parties in this accident can seek compensation for their injuries and losses. To do so, they will need to prove that negligence occurred. To prove negligence, you must show:

* There was a Duty of Care

* The Duty was Breached

* The Breach Caused an Injury

* The Injury Caused Financial Losses

When you look at this accident, it is easy to see that the driver who looked down at his phone was negligent because:

* He had an obligation to operate his vehicle safely (not look at his phone while operating a vehicle)

* That by looking at his phone instead of paying attention to the road, he caused the accident.

* That the accident led to people being injured, and two people lost their life

* That the injured parties suffered financial losses because of their injuries (medical expenses, missed work, and other costs).

Injury victims will benefit from having legal representation from Kemp Ruge and Green Law Group when it comes to proving negligence in any accident.

Negligence applies in many forms of law, including criminal defense. However, it is the basis for all personal injury claims.

Kemp Ruge and Green Law Group provides personal injury representation, criminal defense, family law representation, and help for property insurance claims. We are a full-service law firm that works in areas of law that provide Tampa area residents with the most benefits.

What To Do After A Slip and Fall

Slip and fall accidents are often overlooked as serious events. However, slip and fall accidents often lead to serious injuries requiring medical care and recovery time. If you suffered a personal injury because of a slip and fall, you should speak to an attorney about your right to claim compensation.

After a slip and fall accident happens, it is important that you make an accident report immediately. If possible, take pictures of the surrounding area where you fell. If you cannot take pictures, make sure you document as much information as possible in the accident report about the area where it occurred. After receiving medical care for your injuries, you should then contact the Kemp Ruge and Green Law Group.

Unlike other areas of law, such as criminal defense, personal injury law requires that the victim prove that negligence occurred and was the cause of their accident and injury. Since most property owners will quickly remedy the problem that caused the slip and fall accident, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible after the event occurs.

If you are looking for a full-service law firm that can provide you and your family with a broad range of services, contact the Kemp Ruge and Green Law Group. In addition to personal injury law, our firm also practices family law and criminal defense.

Additionally, our law firm has dedicated attorneys that can help home and business owners with their property insurance claims. Storm damage, sinkholes, and fires can lead to expensive repairs that the insurance companies don’t like to cover. Contact our office to help you file a claim for your damages and receive the maximum settlement possible. Call and schedule your free consultation today.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice is a type of personal injury involving the patient’s medical care. If a patient is injured under the care of any medical professional, malpractice may have occurred. Understanding what malpractice is and what it is not will help you determine when you should call an attorney.

Medical malpractice happens when a medical care provider does not provide the quality of care to a patient that other similar practitioners would have provided. Malpractice, however, is not a poor outcome of a medical procedure. Malpractice only happens when the standard of care is below the accepted level. If you have questions about your injury, speak with an attorney at Kemp Ruge and Green Law Group.

Kemp Ruge and Green Law Group provide a wide range of legal services. In addition to personal injury representation, they also provide family law services. Family law covers areas such as divorce, paternity, child custody or support, and domestic violence. If you need help with family legal issues, they are here to help. When you need to protect your family legally, you need a law firm that you can trust.

Criminal defense services are also available. If you are facing any type of criminal charges, Kemp Ruge and Green are here to help. Our aggressive criminal defense representation will help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case. Call us to discuss how we can help you.
Florida residents that are facing property insurance claims from storm damage, fires, or other unfortunate events are encouraged to seek help from Kemp Ruge and Green Law Group. We have the experience you need to get a full settlement for your losses. Don’t face the uncaring insurance companies alone; we are here to help.

Pedestrian Accident Safety

On July 5, 2022, a pickup truck traveling eastbound on Lakeview Drive in Spring Hill struck a man that was lying on the road. The accident occurred around 2:30 in the morning. The police are investigating the accident and determining why the man was lying on the road. The driver and his passenger were not injured. The pedestrian was declared deceased at the scene.

Everyday There Are Pedestrian Accidents In The Tampa Area

This is a very unusual pedestrian accident since it is unknown why the man was lying on the road before being struck by the pickup truck. However, pedestrian accidents in the Tampa area are not uncommon. In fact, they are one of the leading causes of personal injury in the area.

Many people visit the Tampa area for recreation and entertainment. The number of visitors that this area has increases the amount of pedestrian traffic in many areas. Because of this, there are more pedestrian accidents. To avoid these accidents, pedestrians are encouraged to always:

* Cross the street at designated areas

* Never dart out between cars on foot or bicycles

* Wear reflective clothing if you are going to be out at night

* Be aware of cars turning right – the most common cause of pedestrian accidents

Your life can be changed dramatically from the injuries received in a pedestrian accident. If you have been injured in this type of event, it will be beneficial to speak with one of the personal injury attorneys at Kemp, Ruge, and Green. Our law firm manages personal injury, family law, and other types of cases.
When you need a criminal defense firm or help with property insurance claims, you can turn to Kemp, Ruge, and Green. We provide a full spectrum of legal services to Tampa area residents.

Hit and Run Events

On June 27, 2022, at approximately 5 am, a man was struck in a hit-and-run accident and left in the road on Morris Bridge Road in Temple Terrace. It is believed the pedestrian was then struck by a second vehicle which also left the scene of the accident. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene. Police are currently investigating video surveillance tapes in the area to determine the responsible parties.

Hit and Run Events

Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime. The seriousness of the crime increases when a personal injury occurs from the accident. In this case, since the pedestrian died from their injuries, the person who left the scene could be charged with something as serious as vehicular homicide.

Most hit-and-run cases are solved by the police. Security footage or witnesses are able to identify the vehicle from the accident, which leads to a subsequent arrest. At the time of arrest, the accused will need criminal defense services to help them present their case to the court and secure the best possible outcome to the charges.

More Than A Criminal Defense Firm

Kemp, Ruge, and Green are proud to provide Tampa area residents with a variety of legal services. In addition to personal injury representation and criminal defense, we also provide a full range of family law services. We are here to provide you with the quality legal representation you need.

Additionally, our law firm helps home, and business owners that are struggling with property insurance claim. We understand how these insurance companies work, and we can help you get a fair settlement for your losses.

If you are in need of legal assistance, you are encouraged to schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys. We are here to help.

Trucking Accident Claims

On July 6, 2022, two semi-trucks traveling southbound on I-75 were involved in an accident with a pickup truck. One of the semi-trucks ran into the back of the other semi while traveling in the right-hand lane of I-75. When the impact occurred, the rear truck swerved, causing its trailer to tip over and crush the pickup truck. The passengers in the pickup thankfully only suffered minor injuries as did the driver of the first semi. Police are currently investigating the accident.

Trucking Accident Claims Are Complex Issues

The trucking industry is covered by both state and federal laws, both of which must be addressed in the event of an accident. Additionally, trucking accidents can have several responsible parties. Anyone who is injured in a trucking accident will need the assistance of a personal injury lawyer to make a claim for compensation.

These claims often involve serious injuries, multiple insurance companies, and comprehensive investigations to establish fault. Trucking accidents require the knowledge and experience of a law firm that handles these types of cases. Working with an attorney is the best way to secure the maximum compensation package for your losses.

One Firm Is All You Need

Kemp, Ruge, and Green is a full-service law firm providing Tampa Bay area residents with a variety of legal services. In addition to helping those suffering from a personal injury, we also provide representation for family law matters.

If you find yourself being charged with a crime, Kemp, Ruge, and Green also provide criminal defense representation. We are here when you need us most. For property owners facing fights with insurance companies over property insurance claims, Kemp, Ruge, and Green can help. Call today for a free consultation and let us explore your legal issue and provide you with a solution.

Motorcycle Accident Claims

The Polk County sheriff’s office reported a fatal motorcycle accident on Wednesday, July 6th, near Berkley Road around 4 pm. The motorcyclist and his passenger were killed when their motorcycle slammed into the side of a van turning left on Berkeley Road. The motorcycle driver was traveling at a high rate of speed when fleeing from a police stop. Police were not engaged in the chase. The passengers of the van that was struck had minor injuries.

This Would Have Been A Complex Case If The Motorcyicst Had Survived

If the motorcyclist had survived the accident, it is assumable that he would have been charged with fleeing and eluding police. He would have needed a criminal defense attorney to represent him in court. Depending on his past criminal record, this is a serious charge and could lead to jail time.

Since he was the cause of the accident, his insurance company would be held responsible for any personal injury received in the accident to the other vehicle as well as his passenger. In this event, the motorcycle passenger died. This means that a wrongful death claim could be made by her family and that there may be a need for other family law issues.

Damages to the van that was hit may fall under a property insurance claim or under a car accident claim. Other issues may also arise from this claim if anyone was working at the time of the accident.

One Law Firm To Manage It All

Kemp, Ruge, and Green is a leading law firm in the Tampa area that provides legal representation for personal injuries, family law issues, criminal defense, and property damage claims. If you need quality legal representation, schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our attorneys today.