What Qualifies As Workplace Discrimination?

Key Points of this Article It is illegal to discriminate in the workplace Both state and federal laws offer certain protections Employees should be solely judged based on merit and ability What Is Discrimination In The Work Place? Workplace discrimination is the ill treatment of an employee based upon a specific trait or characteristic that is typically exploited. Particular types of discrimination

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How Do I Know If I Have Been Wrongfully Terminated?

Key Points of this Article Wrongful termination happens quite frequently There are several actions taken by the employer that would qualify The burden of proof lies on the employee What Is Wrongful Termination? Florida is an “at will” state so actual wrongful termination is hard to come by. There are certain circumstances in which there may be a case for this, but

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What To Do If You Are Involved In An Accident With A Pedestrian

Key Points of this Article Pedestrian accidents can be avoided The driver isn’t necessarily at fault Depending on the severity of the accident, there could be jail time Watch Out For Pedestrians Pedestrian accidents happen numerous times each day. Whether it is someone walking, jogging or riding a bicycle, all are vulnerable. Ideally we are paying full attention each and every time

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What Are The 3 Levels of Traffic Offenses In Florida?

Key Points of this Article There are 3 different levels of traffic offenses in Florida Disregarding traffic offenses in a common and potentially costly mistake Jail time could be a possible outcome, depending on severity What Is A Traffic Offense? One of the most common ways that the law is broken is through traffic offenses. Being that in most states a vehicle

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Do You Know Which 4 Areas of Corporate Law Are So Important To Get Right?

Key Points of this Article Negotiating and reviewing contracts is key Typically business deals involve a lot of risk if not properly handled You should always try to ensure a sound legal structure for your business Law In The Corporate World Navigating the waters of Corporate Law is not for just anyone. It takes a highly skilled and experienced individual to be

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7 Tips To Avoiding Accidents While Driving In The Rain

Key Points of this Article Driving in the rain cannot always be avoided Being alert and not distracted is very important Maintaining your vehicle will contribute to your safety Rain On The Roads Car accidents are quite common when it rains. Living in Florida means that there is a good chance that you will be driving in the rain constantly. The more

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Do You Know These 3 Important Areas Of Real Estate Law?

Key Points of this Article Contracts can be full of complicated and confusing language There can be a lot of time involved Knowing how to protect yourself is key Real Estate Law Can Be Tricky Real Estate Law is a complicated subject to say the least. Looking at a contract when buying a home or piece of property can be a bit

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