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What to Do After An Auto Accident

Key Points of This Article: Florida law uses the concept of pure comparative fault. Each person in an auto accident can receive a percentage of the blame and you could receive compensation even if you are partially at fault. Due to the statute of limitations, always consult a Florida auto accident attorney as soon as […]

How the CarFit Program Helps Decrease Accidents on the Road

Key Points of This Article: Sometimes car accidents are caused by driver error, which includes vision impairment, failing to use signals or seatbelts and other issues related to driver comfort. The CarFit program sets standards for fitting each person to their car, which allows the proper use of vehicle safety features and promotes safer driving. […]

Understanding Florida’s New Texting & Driving Law

Key Points of This Article: Florida passed a new texting and driving law with a warning period for drivers until the end of 2019. The full law takes effect January 1, 2020. Under the new law, a Tampa Bay police officer can’t take your phone from you without a warrant. Accidents are the number one […]

Most Floridians Drive Distracted More Than 3 Miles a Day

Key Points of This Article: You probably drive distracted by your phone every day; you just don’t realize how far you will drive in just five seconds of distraction. Evenings at five o’clock is the worst hour for distracted driving, when more than 12 minutes are spent distracted in that hour. Find out what to […]