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Why Athletes Are Not Prosecuted For Drugs

[/one_half_last]Yesterday, August 20th, Von Miller, starting NFL linebacker for the Denver Broncos was suspended 6 games for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. Almost exactly one month earlier, former MLB MVP Ryan Braun was suspended 65 games for violating the MLB’s substance abuse policy. Unfortunately, these two stars are not exceptions to the rule. Every […]

Single Parenting: The Bright Side

How often have you ever heard someone say “we (or my parents) would have got divorced years ago, if it was not for the children?” Whether it’s a parent saying this or a child expressing something similar, many spouses refuse to get a divorce for this reason. Granted, there are legitimate reasons for this justification. […]

Traffic Cameras Creating Dangerous Problems

The understated, yet considerable change to Florida’s rules about traffic signals now offers local metropolitan areas and counties the ability to change traffic lights (specifically lights with traffic cameras) below national minimums. Or, in other words, the state and local government can now manipulate the length of a yellow light to ensure more tickets are […]

New Florida Phone Scam

Imagine this: You just sit down for dinner. Your family is gathered around the table. There is a slight moment of anticipation before the initial “dig in” and RING, RING, RING! Your phone goes off. Oh great…someone is calling…during dinner…and it is probably a telemarketer. You answer the phone with that somewhat surly tone reserved […]

Texting While Driving Ban Becomes Law

It may have taken six years, but it’s official, Florida is now the 40th state to bas some sort of texting while driving ban. The ban passed into law yesterday, May 28th, 2013 when Governor Scott signed the bill in Miami. Last month, our Kemp, Ruge & Green Law Group blog discussed the details of […]

Changes To Texting While Driving

Whether we have been in an automobile accident as a result of texting while driving, know someone who has been in one, or have just had the pleasure of waiting 10 seconds at a green light for someone to finish their “lol,” reply, texting while driving is an ever increasing danger to Florida motorists, passengers, […]

Fla. lawmakers take on texting-while-driving ban again

TALLAHASSEE — Florida is one step closer to a ban on texting while driving. A committee has passed the latest proposal, which comes from Sen. Nancy Detert, R-Venice. According to Bay News 9‘s partner paper, the Bradenton Herald, a companion bill will be filed next week. Lawmakers have tried for several years without success to […]

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