Have Domestic Violence Rates Risen Due to COVID-19?

August 11, 2020

Key Points of this Article Domestic violence is very prevalent in our countryIt is rarely spoken about as a common societal problemThere are several types of domestic violence Violence Off The Streets Domestic violence has always been an issue in our country. During the pandemic families have been encouraged, in some cases forced, to stay home as much as possible. This is good from t...


Will Bankruptcy Be On The Rise After COVID-19?

August 4, 2020

Key Points of this Article Millions of Americans are unemployedThe long term effects of the pandemic to the economy remain to be seenBankruptcy may become more common Unemployment For Many For months now many Americans have been living off of unemployment funds or worse have yet to receive any. Either way millions of people have been out of work and are hard hit financially. Some may...


3 Things You Should Know About Florida’s Wrongful Death Loophole During The Pandemic

July 28, 2020

Key Points of this Article Florida wrong death law has a huge unfavorable loophole  The organization found liable will most likely use this loophole to avoid payment There are certain conditions that must be met in order for the loophole to have no effect and compensation to be given How the Law Won’t Protect You During recent times there have been deaths credited to COVID-19. Now whil...


Divorce In The Time Of A Pandemic

July 21, 2020

Key Points of this Article Social distancing has forced a different perspective on marriageConfinement can cause before unseen marital stressesThe pandemic is testing the strength of many marriages across the country Divorce In The Time Of A Pandemic In an effort to keep everyone safe, a majority of local and state governments, as well as the federal government, are advocating that e...


Increase in Speeding Related Car Accidents During the Pandemic

June 24, 2020

Key Points of this Article Speeding has increased to unnecessary ratesLess car accidents are occurring but severe car accidents are on the riseWhen out on the road be aware of your surroundings to avoid speeders Speeding Has Increased Lately more and more states have begun to lift their stay-at-home orders. With this comes certain things like the reopening of gyms, restaurants, etc. ...


What to do After a Car Accident During COVID-19

April 20, 2020

Key Points of This Article: Car accidents are still happening during COVID-19.There are legal and safety concerns at an accident scene.If you’re injured, contact a lawyer as soon as possible. It’s almost impossible to stay at home 100% of the time during COVID-19. Eventually, someone in your home ventures down the road to get groceries, supplies, gas, and other essentials. In fact, ...


Florida Delivery Drivers: Act Fast to Sue for Dog Bites During COVID-19

April 14, 2020

Key Points of This Article : Delivery drivers risk dog bites as home delivery is in high demand during COVID-19.Florida delivery drivers have a limited time to sue over dog bite injuries.Know your rights and if you’re injured, demand what you deserve. Dogs and delivery drivers are a dangerous combination. As home-delivery workers run up and down Florida’s driveways bringing us ...


COVID-19 Shutdown Affecting Those on Disability

April 7, 2020

Key Points of This Article:  People who are on disability may be especially concerned about the impact of COVID-19.The CARES Act includes those who receive disability payments.We’d like to share some free resources and safety tips for those with disabilities during the pandemic. For people who are on disability, the nationwide COVID-19 shutdown is particularly concerning. What wi...


COVID-19 Dangers to Pasco County Healthcare Workers

April 3, 2020

Key Points of This Article: During the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers are at great risk.A local attorney is stepping up to help make food delivery easier for local healthcare workers.If you have a legal concern during the pandemic, contact a qualified Florida attorney. Florida healthcare workers, how are you doing during this time of global crisis? The coronavirus is shaking up o...


The BEST Tampa Area Quarantine Resources and Financial Assistance

March 26, 2020

Key Points of This Article : The coronavirus pandemic has reached Florida and the Tampa area.The quarantine has left many Tampa-area families without resources.If you need food, a job, and other basics, here are some helpful options. “Stay calm. Stay kind. Stay safe.” This is the new motto of the City of Tampa during the coronavirus pandemic. It shows the city’s dedication to...


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