What Are The 3 Levels of Traffic Offenses In Florida?

Key Points of this Article There are 3 different levels of traffic offenses in Florida Disregarding traffic offenses in a common and potentially costly mistake Jail time could be a possible outcome, depending on severity What Is A Traffic Offense? One of the most common ways that the law is broken is through traffic offenses. Being that in most states a vehicle

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What Is Important To Know About A Possible Theft Conviction?

Key Points of this Article Theft is a crime with serious consequences The effects of a conviction can last a lifetime Your integrity and character come into question How Can Theft Conviction Change My Life? Theft is a fairly common crime in our country. This can be something minor like stealing a soda or something major like stealing a car. In the

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3 Important Things To Know About Assault And Battery

Key Points of this Article There is a difference between assault and battery Either can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony This crime carries severe consequences A Common Crime Often on the news can be heard the phrase “assault and battery”, which seems like it is one action or even that one is interchangeable from the other. Neither of these assumptions

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Have Domestic Violence Rates Risen Due to COVID-19?

Key Points of this Article Domestic violence is very prevalent in our country It is rarely spoken about as a common societal problem There are several types of domestic violence Violence Off The Streets Domestic violence has always been an issue in our country. During the pandemic families have been encouraged, in some cases forced, to stay home as much as possible.

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