What Qualifies As Workplace Discrimination?

October 14, 2020

Key Points of this Article It is illegal to discriminate in the workplaceBoth state and federal laws offer certain protectionsEmployees should be solely judged based on merit and ability What Is Discrimination In The Work Place? Workplace discrimination is the ill treatment of an employee based upon a specific trait or characteristic that is typically exploited. Particular types of d...


How Do I Know If I Have Been Wrongfully Terminated?

October 7, 2020

Key Points of this Article Wrongful termination happens quite frequently There are several actions taken by the employer that would qualify The burden of proof lies on the employee What Is Wrongful Termination? Florida is an “at will” state so actual wrongful termination is hard to come by. There are certain circumstances in which there may be a case for this, but the burden of proof will...


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