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Risk of Fatal Crashes in Florida Increases When Alcohol Is Involved

Key Points of This Article: Driving drunk increases the risk of a fatal car crash. A driver and his passenger were killed on impact after a recent local rollover crash involving alcohol. You deserve to protect your rights and take legal action after a crash. It’s every driver’s worst nightmare: A drunk driver is speeding at you head-on, going the wrong way

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Florida Passes Sweeping New Rules for Lawyer Referrals

Beginning April 30, 2018, new rules will go into effect throughout Florida that could seriously change how legal consumers, attorneys, and referral services interact. These new amendments to Florida Bar rules have to do with lawyer referral services in Florida and were accepted by the Florida Supreme Court on March 8, 2018. Going forward, the new rules changes will prohibit all Florida

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A Fresh Look At Ferugson

It has been a very hectic time for the people of Ferguson, Missouri. The death of an unarmed man named Michael Brown at the hands of law enforcement has launched a flood of rallies, protests and anger. In order to gain a better perspective, we sat down with Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer (and former prosecutor) Michael Kenny. Below are the answers

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Automobile Recalls And Defects

Every week, we update this page with the latest news on automobile recalls and defects. Please check to make sure your automobile does not have any problems that could endanger yourself or your loved ones. November 19 : 442,000 Volkswagen vehicles from 2011-2013, including Jetta and Beetle models, Recalled for the trailing arm which may have reduced durability, causing a loss of vehicle control.

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Jameis Winston’s Legal Situation

Jameis Winston’s Legal Situation Jameis Winston: You probably already know about his shoplifting incident at a Tallahassee Publix this week. However, a lot of people are confused as to what his legal situation actually is at the moment. After all, there have been conflicting reports all over the web, so we decided to have our Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer, Michael Kenny, clear

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Vehicle Registration Fees Lowered

On April 2, 2014, Governor Rick Scott, Senate President Don Gaetz, Speaker of the House Will Weatherford and a number of other Florida Legislatures met together for the signing of Senate Bill 156. What is Senate Bill 156? In short, tax relief…though not a lot, but it is still a reduction. Senate Bill 156 will reduce the cost of vehicle registration fees.

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Social Media’s Attack On The Impartial Jury

If you have ever had jury duty, followed a high-profile case or just watched a half-way realistic lawyer show, you are probably aware that jurors are not supposed to discuss their trial with anyone until after the trial is over. In fact, they are not even supposed to discuss the trial with fellow members of the jury until it is time deliberate

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