News: Driver dies after having medical emergency near Dale Mabry and Swann Ave

January 19, 2022

TAMPA, FL - A dump truck driver died after having a medical emergency near Dale Mabry and Swann Ave Tuesday, according to Fox 13. The 60-year-old driver was driving north on Dal Mabry Hwy when he began having the medical episode. The driver struck multiple objects, including power poles and a parked vehicle, until the vehicle finally stopped near Swann Ave. First responders were ca...


The Success of Personal Injury Claims with Pre-Existing Conditions in Tampa Bay

February 28, 2020

Key Points of This Article: A pre-existing condition can make a personal injury claim more challenging. Learn some of the common circumstances that could affect the success of your claim. Empower yourself to take action with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney who understands how insurance companies try to fight these claims. When you make a personal i...


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