What Evidence Do I Need After a Florida Slip and Fall Accident?

April 29, 2020

Key Points of This Article: A Florida slip-and-fall case requires you to present enough evidence.To win compensation, you’ll need to prove someone else was at least partially at fault.It’s vital to find the right Florida lawyer. When you sue over a slip-and-fall accident, the burden is on you to prove your case. You need to present evidence that supports your injury claim and c...


How to File a Lawsuit for Negligent Security

March 9, 2020

KeyPoints of This Article: In Florida, property owners can be held responsible for failing to protect people from hazards.Negligent security cases involve suing a property owner after you were injured due to their negligence.The most important part of filing this type of lawsuit is to select a qualified lawyer who can help you skillfully build your case. Imagine living in an apartment compl...


How the Pulse Nightclub Shooting Shines Light on Negligent Security Even Today

December 5, 2019

Key Points of This Article: In Florida, landowners can be held liable for foreseeable third-party crimes.The Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting and others like it continue to raise concerns over negligent security.If you’re injured on someone else’s property, hold the right party accountable. If you own property, know your responsibility under Florida law to protect your patrons.  Do...


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