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Everyone has the right to an attorney when they’ve been arrested. What you may not know is that time is of the essence. The sooner that you get a skilled criminal defense attorney on your side, the better your chances will be of securing a good outcome. If you can afford to pay your bail, do so and then immediately contact a criminal defense lawyer like the team at Kemp, Ruge & Green.

Kemp, Ruge, & Green have been assisting clients in the Tampa Bay area since 2008.  They have been the criminal defense attorney of choice for many in Pinellas County and Palm Harbor.

How can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Help Me?

After an arrest, several procedures start up leading to the trial. First, the police officer arrests you and writes up a report. The local prosecutor reads the report and makes a judgment on whether to press charges. If they decide to do so, the next phase is the arraignment. This is the formal legal proceeding where charges are presented and you are given an offer to plea. Sometimes before this a prosecutor may offer a plea deal, which is a reduction of a sentence in exchange for pleading guilty.

If you plead not-guilty, the next phase is a pre-trial hearing where the prosecutor and the defense attorney, whether one that you hired or a public defender, discuss the facts of the case and share evidence. A skilled Palm Harobr DUI Attorney can sometimes stop trial proceedings here by offering alternate evidence that makes the prosecution’s case too shaky to stand on. If not, a trial date is set and both sides build their cases for the actual trial.

At each point in this proceeding, after the arrest, a defense lawyer can assist you. But all too often people don’t receive good legal counsel until after the arraignment. After that point it is much harder to stop a trial from happening. The sooner you can get a lawyer working on your case, the better your odds will be.

Crime in Palm Harbor

One of the areas we serve is Palm Harbor, an area known for upscale living. The most common crime here is theft. Depending on the property crime and the circumstances, it is quite possible that you could be mistaken for the person who committed the crime. You don’t necessarily have to have the item in question to be arrested if someone can convince the police that you need to be questioned.

Even just being accused of theft can put your professional career at risk, much less getting convicted. Convicted thieves often have a very difficult time getting jobs because employers are too worried that they might steal from them. If you are accused of a crime of theft, no matter how big or small, you need aggressive legal defense by someone who knows the system well.

Our head defense attorney served as a prosecutor for five years. Many prosecutors do go on to become defense attorneys after they have served in this capacity. This gives them an edge that other defense lawyers do not have. They know both sides of the system, and know which tactics a prosecutor may try to use to resolve a case swiftly and not in your favor.

Also, by knowing both sides of the law they can also give a fair assessment of your chances and the best advice possible. Not everyone who is accused of a crime is innocent and a defense lawyer may only be able to do so much in the face of overwhelming evidence. In such cases, our defense lawyers will do their best to reduce sentences, divert you into alternate treatment programs, and do everything they can to make the book being thrown at you sting a little less.

Cases we Cover

Our criminal defense team covers all types of crimes, but we do specialize in a few particular areas including:

  • DUI
  • Traffic Offenses
  • Assault and Battery
  • Domestic Violence
  • Juvenile Offenses
  • Theft
  • Violations of Probation
  • Drug Offenses

These are some of the most common types of cases that you’ll find in the criminal justice system.

Traffic Offenses

Yes, you can get a defense attorney for your traffic tickets. Why is this important? The points system that the DMV runs is almost like a secondary legal system. Even if you manage to dodge a conviction in traffic court, points can still accrue on your license. These points can be difficult to get rid of. Too many points and your license can get suspended or revoked. We can help you get those points removed.

A lot of people are surprised at how much a suspended or revoked license affects their lives. If they require a vehicle to go to work, as most of us do, they may not be able to keep their jobs. Or they have to break the law and pray they don’t get pulled over just to keep going. Sometimes people are even surprised by the points and suddenly end up arrested just for a broken tail light!

For commercial drivers, and there are many in Pinellas County, even a minor traffic conviction with a clean record can be enough to end your career. A skilled traffic attorney like the ones at Kemp, Ruge & Green will fight hard to keep your record clean and your job secure. If you rely on driving to make a living, you cannot risk even getting a single point on your record.

Contacting Us

We can be reached by both phone or through or web form. Remember, the sooner that we can get to work on your case, the greater your chances of receiving a favorable outcome will be. We promise that we will contact you within 24 hours of your call.

Don’t let the legal process make you feel hopeless. Let the skilled criminal defense attorneys of Kemp, Ruge & Green Law Group help you. Our firm serves the entirety of the Tampa Bay area, including Palm Harbor and Pinellas County.