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DUI Charges Can Change Your Life

Whenever someone is charged with Driving Under the Influence, or DUI, it means they have been accused of operating a motor vehicle on a public road while they were legally impaired, which means they had a blood-alcohol content of 0.08% or higher. When you are charged with DUI, your life can potentially change very drastically, and not in a good way. You will face the automatic suspension of your license almost immediately, but you also face the possibility of a criminal record that will follow you for the rest of your life. A DUI conviction isn’t much like a standard traffic ticket, so ignoring the charges is never an option. No one should ever face a charge of DUI alone. You need a highly skilled Spring Hill DUI Attorney on your side to help.

Just because an officer accuses you of DUI and a prosecutor charges you based on what the officer says he or she saw doesn’t mean you will be convicted. In fact, while Hernando County has the most DUI arrests in Florida, only about half of those arrests and charges result in convictions. There are about 55,000 DUI arrests every year throughout the state of Florida, but the conviction rate is less than 60 percent, which means that over 40 percent of those charged end up not being convicted. There are a number of possible reasons. Perhaps the charges are dropped by the prosecutor or they are dismissed by the court. In many cases, the person charged agreed to a plea bargain, which often means a lesser charge with fewer consequences.

These types of dispositions happen for a variety of reasons having to do with your ability to examine every aspect of your case. It is possible there was a failure on the parts of police, prosecutors and others to handle evidence properly. It’s also possible that someone didn’t follow all legal or evidence handling procedures completely. Most people don’t know enough about the DUI laws to know what to look for, which is why it’s essential that you hire a lawyer who does. The Spring Hill DUI Attorneys at Kemp, Ruge& Green Law Group have the skills and the experience necessary to successfully investigate every aspect of your case and get any questionable evidence thrown out, which often leads to dismissal. Even if we can’t get a dismissal, we may be able to get you a plea bargain to a lesser charge, or at least reduce the negative consequences. We will examine every procedure that was followed and make sure that everything done with the evidence in your case follows the procedures and protocols specified in the law.

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You Need a Spring Hill DUI Attorney Who Cares

Anyone who has been charged with DUI is entitled to the best representation possible. That is guaranteed under our Constitution. A Spring Hill Criminal Defense Attorney from Kemp, Ruge& Green Law Group has the skill to provide you with the best representation possible, in order to lessen the burden on you and your family. You should never go it alone; hire a Spring Hill DUI Attorney who cares about their clients. Our firm is one of the best around, in part because we work from a single guiding principle. We believe in helping people.

We have won many awards over the years, primarily because our clients choose us and recommend us to others. They do that because we take a very personalized and results-driven approach to client service. Every client who hires us to defend them on a DUI charge will find that we are a very caring and supportive presence at an incredibly difficult and challenging time in their lives.

Our 24 HR Call Back Guarantee is a very strict, no-nonsense policy we developed to improve client service. Under this policy, everyone who calls our office will receive a return call within 24 hours, no exceptions. You deserve a Spring Hill DUI Attorney who will keep you in the loop with regard to your case; after all, it’s your life that is on the line. If you call to ask a question, you can relax; your call will never go unanswered. That’s one critical way we help relieve the stress of a DUI charge.

Ignoring a DUI Charge is Not an Option

The potential consequences of a DUI conviction can be life-changing. You may lose your ability to drive for a long time if your license is revoked. You may be placed on probation and required to take substance abuse classes or complete alcohol rehabilitation. In many cases, even for a first offense, a judge can sentence you to as much as six months in jail. In many cases, a conviction can cost you your job, especially if you have a commercial drivers’ license, which can be at risk, even if you weren’t driving your truck at the time. A conviction will likely result in substantial fines and higher car insurance premiums. And once a conviction is on your record, the next time you’re charged with DUI, the consequences can be even more serious.

DUI charges are very serious and there are a great many legal details that must be handled properly if you want to lessen those negative consequences, even if you can’t get an outright dismissal. The first thing you have to deal with is the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), who will initiate proceedings to revoke your license if you don’t act almost immediately. If you refuse to take a breath or blood test, your license will be suspended, although there are ways to get a hardship license from the DMV, if you know what to do. That’s why you need a Spring Hill DUI Attorney who knows how to help you do that.

In any DUI case, everyone from police officers, prosecutors to others in the process are required to follow a series of procedures and handle evidence in specific ways in order to prove your case, and they don’t always do what’s required. A Spring Hill DUI Attorney from Kemp, Ruge& Green Law Group can investigate and analyze all of the facts of the case and they can analyze the processing of evidence. Their expertise can help to determine whether or not some or all of the evidence the state has should be thrown out, which can make a big difference in your case.

If you’re charged with DUI, there are many things to consider. There are a great many details that can make the difference between living your best life or seeing your life negatively affected. Going through it all alone should not be an option.  The Spring Hill DUI Attorneys at Kemp, Ruge& Green Law Group have been there and they have handled it before. Their knowledge and experience makes them highly qualified to find all of the deficiencies and flaws in your case that could mean the difference between conviction and exoneration, or the difference between serious jail time or a few inconveniences.  Contact us in Spring Hill today for a free consultation.