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Spring Hill Wills and Trusts Attorney

Our will and trusts attorneys help protect individuals in Spring Hill, Florida from unnecessary expenses and risks to their estates and assets.  Proper estate planning & elder law can help protect you and your family from a wide range of threats and expenses. We utilize some of the best estate planning & elder law tools to protect your interests. Our lawyers enjoy explaining the unique aspects of Florida Asset Protection, Foreclosure Defense, Estate Planning, Probate, Elder law and Florida Business Formations, and closely related practice areas to our wills and trusts clients. We explain the top benefits of your plan and your options in easy to understand language. Next, we use our knowledge of Florida Asset Protection Law to find the best or most ideal options for our clients’ needs. We also provide estate planning documents and help protect our clients’ assets who live in other areas of Florida.

We believe that a wills and trusts attorney should enable an individual to control their assets while alive and protect their assets for use if they become incapacitated.  Upon your death, a properly drafted estate plan and asset protection plan should provide a smooth, worry-free ability for your beneficiaries to receive your assets in the manner you pre-define. This process should protect your beneficiaries from situations where your estate may be placed at risk to the beneficiary’s creditors.

While lawyers can create very complex documents, our attorneys’ goals are to make the decisions easy, by providing you with our knowledge and understanding of an estate plan and options that enable you and your family to achieve your estate planning goals.

The first step in creating an estate plan is for us to have an understanding of your assets, risks, and objectives.  Once our lawyers receive this information, our wills and trusts attorneys can design an estate plan that can achieve your goals. In some cases, an estate plan may involve a Florida will along with medical and financial powers of attorneys. For others, additional estate planning documents include special deeds and trusts. Our estate planning lawyers have created very special documents for almost every need.

We focus on providing individualized estate planning documents that are designed to meet your goals and objectives at reasonable prices.  As our clients get older, we talk with them about the importance of including planning to protect their estates from a loss in the unfortunate event that Medicaid issues arise.  By mixing estate planning with elder law, we can create an estate plan that protects your assets from loss in the event that care is needed.  One of our goals in creating your estate planning documents is to avoid probate and court supervision and delay in distributing assets to your chosen beneficiaries.

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