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If You’re Facing Criminal Charges, You Need Legal Help

When you have been charged with a crime, you are almost certainly facing one of the most difficult and uncertain situations you will ever face. Whether you have been charged with a first or second degree misdemeanor or a felony charge, you will need to understand the charges and what they might mean to you. The police and the prosecution will do everything they can to make sure you’re convicted, which is why getting the best possible answers to any legal questions you may have is often the key to giving you at least some peace of mind. To make the best decisions regarding your case, you must understand the legal defenses and potential solutions available to you. That is why you need a highly skilled and knowledgeable St. Petersburg Criminal Defense Attorney by your side to guide you through the process.

Just because you have been accused of a crime doesn’t mean you will be convicted. There are many reasons why someone accused of a crime might not be convicted, but to know what they are will require a complete investigation of the details of your case. Sometimes, the police simply go after and arrest the wrong person. Other times, police or prosecutors may fail to fulfill their obligations under the law. That is especially true when it comes to obtaining and handling evidence.

In reality, most people charged with a crime have no idea what the law is and how it applies, so they have no idea what to look out for. There may be details that can be used to dismiss their case or at least lessen the potential consequences. That is why it is essential that you hire an attorney who knows the law and how it works. The St. Petersburg Criminal Defense Attorneys at Kemp, Ruge & Green Law Group not only know exactly how to apply the law, but they know how criminal cases are handled in St. Petersburg and other area courts. They possess the skills necessary thoroughly examine every detail of your case and determine the best way to help, whether that means getting questionable evidence thrown out or pointing out to the court instances where someone in the process failed in their duty to the law. If there’s a flaw, we will find it and use it to help you.

A Caring St. Petersburg Criminal Defense Attorney Can Make a Difference

Everyone who has been charged with a crime is entitled to the best representation possible. That means hiring someone who can handle anything that comes up. One thing that makes the St. Petersburg DUI Attorneys at Kemp, Ruge & Green Law Group better than most is their experience. They have been there before and they know what to expect. That places them in the unique position to reduce the stress and the burden on you and your loved ones. You should never go through the trauma of facing a criminal charge alone.

Over the years, our firm has received numerous honors and won many awards, but that is not why we do this. We take an approach that is personalized to you and is very results-driven. When a client hires our firm for their criminal defense, they know from the start that they have a very caring and supportive presence on their team; one who cares about them and their family. Our clients often recommend us because of our approach to client service, which is based on a basic premise; we care about our clients. That approach includes our approach to client communication, which is handle differently than many other law firms. We know this because it’s the number one complaint about most attorneys, which is why we instituted our 24 HR Call Back Guarantee.

This is a policy we take very seriously. It is a very strict, no-nonsense policy, in which everyone who calls our office will receive a call back and an answer within 24 hours, no exceptions. We believe your attorney should care about your case as much as you do and that you should always be kept in the loop regarding your case. If you have been charged with a crime, we understand that it’s your life on the line, so calling you back and answering phone calls shouldn’t be too much to ask. If you call Kemp, Ruge & Green Law Group to ask a question, you can be assured that your call will never go unanswered. That’s one critical way we help relieve the stress that comes with facing a criminal charge.

We Know How to Deal with St. Petersburg Courts

As soon as you have been accused or arrested for a crime in St. Petersburg, law enforcement will send a written summary of their investigation to the State Attorney’s Office. At that point, they will carefully consider the case before they decide whether or not to go ahead with the prosecution. Often, it is possible to resolve a case even before the prosecution files formal charges. However, you should be aware that they will never talk to the defendant. At the early stages, the only way to get a case dismissed or the charges reduced is to secure the help of an experienced St. Petersburg Criminal Defense Attorney as soon as possible, so that they can advocate for you. Your attorney will do a complete investigation and gather all relevant information immediately. That means they will speak to witnesses and experts. In some cases, they may even hire a private investigator to help.

Any attorney must gather all information and assess it all if they are to advise you properly as to whether you should seek a dismissal of the charges, propose a plea bargain and settlement of your case, or to take the case to trial. Those decisions also require your attorney to understand the system and how the St. Petersburg, state or federal courts work. While most criminal cases can often be settled with a plea bargain, the prosecutor has to know that your attorney isn’t afraid to take the case to trial. That means your attorney should be knowledgeable and experienced enough to be able to perform well at trial. Not all attorneys are skilled at dealing with the rigors of a criminal trial, unfortunately. However, you can count on a St. Petersburg Criminal Defense Attorney with Kemp, Ruge & Green Law Group to be highly trained and skilled when it comes to trial practice.

There is no doubt that criminal defense cases are complex and very nuanced, in part because everyone on the state’s side must act from the point of view that you are innocent until proven guilty, which can be difficult for many of them. Law enforcement, prosecutors and others in the process are required by law to follow a series of very specific procedures designed to protect your rights. In some cases, they cut corners, especially when it comes to the rules and processes in place for obtaining and handling evidence.

There are also multiple elements to every criminal charge and the prosecution must prove every element of your case. There are many potential deficiencies and flaws that may help your case, and the expertise of a St. Petersburg Criminal Defense Attorney at Kemp, Ruge & Green Law Group can find them. They have been there and they have handled it all before, and that can mean the difference between conviction and exoneration, or at least the difference between having to spend years in jail with a felony on your record or dealing with probation and a lesser charge on your record. Contact us today for a free consultation, so that we can help you.