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The Tampa Personal Injury Attorney Who Keeps You Informed:

If you call a Tampa Personal Injury Attorney at Kemp, Ruge & Green Law Group , then you will get a response within 24 hours. The main reason we can ensure our 24 HR Call Back Guarantee is that our personal injury clients do not often have to call us with questions. Why…because our attorneys are extremely proactive in keeping them up-to-date with every development regarding their Tampa injury case.

We do not let our clients linger. We contact them the moment there is any change in their case status, but that is not all. Our attorneys know that sometimes cases will take a long time before there are any changes in status, but most of our clients do not. Most clients have never hired a personal injury attorney before.

Therefore, if we have not spoken to one of clients in a couple weeks, we make sure to contact them even if there is no update in their case status. Our clients have so much going on with the stress and pain that personal injuries create that they need to know their law firm is on their side. They need to know their law firm is fighting for their rights and their future. We let them know this, and we let them know we care.

If you know people who have hired a Tampa personal injury attorney in the past, ask them how often they were contacted? Ask them how often their Tampa accident lawyer called them just to check in? Ask them how often they had contact from their law firm at all? We are confident if you ask these questions, then you will understand the uniqueness of our firm and the dedication we show our clients.

Tampa Personal Injury Lawyers Who Stay in Touch:

Tampa Personal Injury Attorney
Tampa Personal Injury Attorney

No attorney can answer every client’s call every time they call. However, a good attorney, especially a good personal injury attorney, should return your call promptly. Sadly, we have found most do not. It is for this reason so many of our clients were former clients of other Tampa personal injury lawyers who were not staying in touch with them.

As you can see from our logo at the top of the page, we have a 24 HR Call Back Guarantee that ensures you will get a response from us in a timely manner. We know the personal injury process can be a long one, and at times, a confusing one. You will have questions. We will have answers, and we will get them to you expediently.

Transparency You Can Trust:

Our Tampa personal injury law firm is committed to being as upfront with you as possible about who we are, what you can expect from us and what makes us different. It is why we focus on explaining the personal injury policies we have that make us special in our field and not the ones pretty much all injury lawyers use. However, we do want to make sure everyone is aware of two extremely common policies: “No Fee Unless You Win” and “Free Consultation.”

No Fee Unless You Win:

This is a standard industry practice for any personal injury law firms in Tampa (including ours) or anywhere else in Florida. We find it is misleading to act like we are doing anything better than other attorneys regarding the “No Fee Unless You Win” policy, because it is so common. Therefore, we do not cite this policy as a major reason to hire us. However, in case you do not know that this is how most personal injury cases are handled, we wanted to make sure you are informed.

Free Consultation:

Much like the “No Fee Unless You Win” policy listed above, you should be able to get any Tampa car accident attorney to give you a free consultation.
If you have not done a lot of research on whom in Tampa should handle your personal injury case, then these two polices could seem quite impressive. You may not know that they are on most personal injury attorneys’ websites and banners. While we gladly would like you to call us today, more importantly, when you decide who you should hire, make sure they can offer you more than just the industry standards.

Our Accolades:

The “trophies” do not matter to us; only our clients do. However, they do serve as a simple illustration of just how committed we are to client satisfaction, legal expertise and community involvement. Without diligently focusing on those three points, we would not have garnered the acclaim we have. Here is a small sample:

Inc. 5000 – named one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the nation for the past two years…and the ONLY personal injury law firm in Tampa to do so.

2014 Bright House Regional Small Business of the Year Top 10 Finalist – based on our growth, stability, vision, innovation and community outreach we placed in the Top 10 for small businesses from the entire region (Citrus, Hernando, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Sarasota counties)…and we were the ONLY law firm in the top 10.

Million Dollar and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum – These forums are a distinction less than 1% of all attorneys nationwide have. An attorney must have been lead council on an injury settlement or jury verdict that exceeded one million dollar (for the Million Dollar Advocates Forum) or two million dollars (for the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum).

Our personal injury attorneys in Tampa have recovered millions for our clients, and because of this, we have members of both the Million Dollar and Mult-Million Dollar Advocates Forum ready to handle your personal injury case.

Our Understanding of Tampa Accidents:

Tampa Car Accidents Map

To illustrate our extensive knowledge of personal injury cases in the area, we have put together an up-to-date map of the most dangerous intersections in Tampa. We extrapolated the data from Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department accident reports of the whole county, and then narrowed down the intersections to those only within Tampa limits. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department usually does not handle cases in downtown Tampa, South Tampa, Davis Island or along I-275, I-75 or I-4.

Therefore, this is not an all-inclusive map of every accident in Tampa, but rather the ones handled by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department. Here are intersections that had the most crashes in Tampa for the month of October, 2015:

  • West Linebaugh Avenue and Gunn Highway – 15 auto accidents/li>
  • Hanley Road and West Waters Avenue – 11 auto accidents/li>
  • Anderson Road and West Waters Avenue – 11 auto accidents/li>
  • Fletcher Avenue and North 46th Street – 10 auto accidents/li>
  • Fletcher Avenue and North 22nd Street – 10 auto accidents/li>
  • Fletcher Avenue and North 15th Street – 10 auto accidents/li>
  • Sheldon Road and West Hillsborough Avenue – 9 auto accidents/li>
  • Bruce B. Downs Boulevard and East Bearss Avenue – 8 auto accidents/li>
  • East Fletcher Avenue and North Florida Avenue – 8 auto accidents/li>
  • East Fletcher Avenue and Bruce B. Downs Boulevard – 8 auto accidents

Notice how these intersections stretch all across Tampa. It is important to hire a Tampa personal injury attorney who knows the whole area, not just downtown, not just South Tampa or New Tampa, but all those areas and everywhere in between.

We have had clients come who were injured in a Tampa accident right outside of the University of South Florida, the International Square Mall, the Muvico Starlight 20, on the crosstown heading to Brandon and so many other prominent locations throughout the Tampa area. However, not all personal injury cases are auto related. Here is a complete list of what our lawyers in Tampa handle.

Cases our Tampa Personal Injury Law Firm Handles:

Auto Accidents
Boating Accidents
Car Accidents
Catastrophic Injuries
Dog Bite Injuries
Motorcycle Accidents
Nursing Home Abuse
Slip & Fall Accidents
Spinal Cord Injuries
Truck Accidents
Wrongful Death


Take a moment to read a few of our testimonials from previous Tampa residents and just how happy they were to have selected us as their Tampa personal injury attorney.

Tampa Personal Injury Review Juan from Avvo
Personal Injury Client

3 Common questions about Personal Injury law:

We have a whole list of frequently asked questions to help you better assess your needs and what to expect when searching for the right personal injury attorney in Tampa. However, a few questions we are asked are so common, we will share them with you here. Tampa Personal Injury Attorney Stacy Kemp provides clear, straightforward answers to these questions.

What is negligence?

A major portion of a personal injury attorney’s job is establishing the negligence of the other party. It is important to note, that negligence is only for unintentional acts or accidents. If someone rear-ends your motor vehicle because he or she was texting on the phone, then that is negligence. If someone intentionally tries to ram your car because you are not driving fast enough, then that is not negligence.

How is fault determined?

There are so many different ways to determine fault in a Tampa accident. If you were involved in an automobile accident, we would gather everything about the vehicle involved, the intersection, and witness statements. We would also comb through the police report, traffic cameras and if necessary, hire an accident reconstructionist to prove the fault of the other party.

If you were in a slip-and-fall, we would subpoena all footage from the area you fell whether it is security cameras located where you fell or across the street. We would check the company’s history to see how long they had known about the hazard that caused your injury and we would also gather any and all eye witness statements possible.

Those are just a few examples of all we can do to help determine the fault of the other party.

What damages can I get?

After establishing negligence and determining fault, you are entitled to a wide variety of damages that you can collect for your personal injury claim. If your body is injured whether it is through disfigurement, scarring, burning, etc., then you can seek damages. If you have suffered or been in pain because of your injuries, then you can seek damages. If you have suffered mental anguish trying to deal with what happened to you (through no fault of your own) you can seek damages. And, of course, you can seek damages for both your current medical bills and future ones, as well.

3 Common questions about dealing with Insurance Companies:

Do I need to inform my insurance company?

Yes, you absolutely need to contact your insurance company, but you certainly do not have (nor should you) talk to the other party’s insurance company. Once you call your insurance company, just get the claim number and give it to your personal injury attorney. After that, your attorney will handle it from there.

Do I need to give a recorded statement to the other party’s insurance company?

This depends on which insurance company is asking for the recorded statement. If it is your insurance company, then, yes, you do need to do the recorded statement. If it is the other insurance company, then you need to speak with your attorney first before ever doing a recorded statement with them.

What happens if I already gave a recorded statement?

Insurance companies push to get recorded statements quickly because they want to get you before you have sought any legal counsel. The average person may not know to list all their injuries, all the pain they are going through and how much of it they are experiencing.

Plus, a lot of people do not feel comfortable opening up to a complete stranger on the phone about everything they are going through with their suffering. Unfortunately, giving a recorded statement before speaking to an attorney can hurt your case…but good attorneys can still find a way to get you what you deserve.

We have helped several Tampa area clients who made the mistake of giving a recorded statement before hiring us recover top dollar for their injuries. It is more difficult, but we happily take on these challenges.

3 Common questions about the personal injury process?

Who pays for the damage to my vehicle?

Assuming you have insurance (and are therefore driving legally) it is just a matter of determining fault. If you were responsible for the car accident, then your insurance would pay for the damage to your vehicle. If the other driver is responsible for the car accident, then his or her insurance would pay for the damage. Now, if the other driver does not have insurance (and this does happen a lot in Florida), then your insurance company still may pay the damage provided you purchased the appropriate coverage.
What documents do I need to bring my attorney?

What do I need to bring to my attorney?

In short, anything you have that supports your personal injury claim of negligence against another party. Some of the usual examples are the driver’s exchange that the law enforcement officer will provide you, if you were in a car accident. You would need to bring your auto/health insurance cards and your insurance policy.

Also, any photographs you have of the area can be a major help to your case. If you come to our law firm, then you do not need to print out the photographs. We can download them from your phone for you or you can email them to us and we can print out high quality images at our office.

In the moments after a personal injury of any kind, we know it can be hectic to remember all of this. So, we created a special free app available for both android and iPhone users. It will walk you through step-by-step what to do following your injury. It will have everything from contact fields for witness information to a simple one button email send to compile all your information.

Android Users: Download Tampa Personal Injury App

iPhone Users: Download Tampa Personal Injury App

Do I have to go to court to recover damages?

Our personal injury attorneys in Tampa prepare extensive documentation and vigorously negotiate with the insurance companies to avoid the expense and time of going to court. Most Tampa injury cases, regardless of the lawyer hired are settled pre-suit (or before going to court).

When you have an attorney who puts forth the work in the beginning like we do, not only do you get the best possible financial outcome for your injury settlement, you also get your money faster and with less attorney fees. So you end up with even more money in your pocket.

Granted, sometimes litigation (or going to court) is an absolute necessity if an insurance company is not willing to pay you what you deserve for your damages. In those cases, we are ready and willing to seek litigation. However, for the most part, you do not always have to go to court to recover damages.

Giving Back:

Our attorneys believe that an exemplary law firm does more than just provide excellent representation to victims of personal injury; it also gives back to the local community to improve the lives of everyone in it. As Tampa personal injury attorneys, we dedicate ourselves to contributing both our time and financial support to the Tampa area. Here are just a few examples of what we do in your community.

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer:

This past October, we became the Premier Pink Sponsor for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer – Pasco, held at Wiregrass Mall. We have done numerous events to benefit the American Cancer Society, and we were extremely impressed at the overwhelming turn out and support for this amazing cause.
Over 5,000 people attended creating close to 200 teams and raising nearly $200,000. If you have not had a chance to be at a Making Strides event yet, make sure you do so next year. We will be there, and we hope to see you too.

Our Heroes Memorial Golf Tournament:

Attorney Rob Green at Our Heroe's Memorial Golf Tournament
Our Heroe’s Memorial Golf Tournament

Every year, we sponsor the “Our Heroes Memorial Golf Tournament.” This event honors all the Tampa Police Officers killed in the line of duty, and all the proceeds go to the Tampa Police Benevolent Association Charity.

One of our partners, Robert A. Green Jr. served nine years as a Pinellas County Deputy Sheriff becoming one of Tampa’s most respected personal injury attorneys. Therefore, this event is very special to our firm and one we are privileged to support each year.

Tampa Bay Bucs’ Ticket Giveaway:

Season Ticket Pack

Most of the money we contribute to the Tampa community goes to non-profits, fundraisers, and local schools. However, we also like to mix it up with some simple, fun contests that anyone in the area can win.

Therefore, we purchase Bucs’ season tickets solely to give away to people in the Tampa area. The seats are in the 100 level near the pirate ship and we give four away to every single home game. You can enter the contest by just texting KRGLAW to 313131, and you are entered for the whole season.