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Tarpon Springs Personal Injury Lawyers

Tarpon Springs Personal Injury Lawyers
Tarpon Springs Personal Injury Lawyers

If you have been in an accident then it is essential that you understand your rights for compensation. There are many people who have no idea what to do following an auto accident or personal injury. Often times, the victims have to bear their own medical costs along with other related expenses, even when it is not their fault. In order to prevent this  from happening to you (or a loved one) call our team of Tarpon Springs personal injury lawyers today.

We are results driven and client oriented.  We empathize with what our clients go through and we offer a compassionate hand to help them along their way to recovery. We do both while mounting strong legal representation with extreme diligence and proficiency. We have built our law firm on professionalism, trust, client communication and community involvement. We understand the value of trust our clients put in us. This trust motivates us more than anything else to consistently earn the best possible outcome for our clients’ personal injury cases.

Our Tarpon Springs personal injury lawyers are always hard at work, striving for nothing less than perfection in every effort. With our law firm standing by you, you will be as comfortable and stress-free as possible given the nature of the legal situation. One way we can assure this is our commitment to constantly keeping our clients informed at every step of their injury case.

Our level of communication and contact is something our clients’ treasure about our firm because of the length and complexity of the legal process. You will value an attorney who stays in touch. Frankly, no matter what personal injury attorney you hire in Tarpon Springs (or anywhere else in Florida) these cases take time. Sometimes they can be resolved within a few months, sometimes several months and occasionally it could take even longer. If you hire our team to represent you, then no matter how long the process, you will always know what is going on with your personal injury claim.

Unparalleled Experience

Our Tarpon Springs personal injury lawyers are experienced in handling complex personal injury claims and litigation. We also have members of our legal team who have represented insurance companies before, and therefore, know all the games and tricks insurance companies try to play. We can cover all the aspects of your injury claim.

Our personal injury firm specializes in motor vehicle accident claims, medical malpractice claims, heavy vehicle accident claims, motorcycle accident claims, animal bites, slip and fall accidents, boating accidents, truck accidents and catastrophic injuries.

We understand the psychological aspects of our victims. We know how traumatic and mentally stressful an accident can be; therefore, we provide comprehensive details of how we can help you legally cope with your expenses to ensure you get compensated for everything you deserve.

Although we legally cannot promise our clients exact results, we do leave “no stone unturned” when it comes to gathering evidence for your case. We track down eye witnesses. We find footage from outside cameras. We hire the experts in accident reconstruction. We do not stop until we have exhausted every legal avenue available to you.

This gives our Tarpon Springs personal injury lawyers a powerful edge in building a stronger case against the person who caused the accident.

Why Us?

In addition to the positive results we have earned for our personal injury clients, we are also a one stop solution when it comes to handling, managing and understanding the complexity of any legal claim pertaining to incidents resulting in personal injury.

These types of cases can be excessively technical and complex, so you need someone who has the knowledge and the experience to break the case down to you step-by-step. Ultimately, no matter who your Tarpon Springs Car Accident Attorney is, the final decision will be made by you. If you want to accept a settlement or if you want to go trial are questions you will have to answer. Surely, your attorney will provide guidance and most likely a strong recommendation, but you will feel better about the decision you choose, if you hire a personal injury law firm that has explained the situation to you thoroughly. We will do that for you.

Our Clients Love Us:

We are proud of the work we have done in Tarpon Springs, and our clients agree. Here is a sample of how happy one of our previous clients were with our legal representation.


Tarpon Springs Personal Injury Client


For more client feedback, visit our Testimonials’ page.

What to Do Following a Personal Injury in Tarpon Springs:

1.If you are able, call emergency services.

2. Also, if you are in a vehicle (and have the ability) makes sure to move your automobile to the side of the road.

3. Provided there are witnesses, reach out to as many as you can. Many people are very happy to help in the moment, but sometimes police can take a long to respond to a call and those witnesses leave. Ask them for as much information as you can, so that you (or your personal injury attorney) will be able to reach out to them for their testimony.

4. Take as many pictures as you can. These days, most people have phones that are capable of taking pictures of your accident and your injuries. Therefore, even if you do not have the ability take photos yourself for whatever reason, request help from other witnesses.

5. Even if you are capable of taking the pictures yourself, our attorneys still recommend getting pictures from multiple phones or cameras. Different phones and cameras produce varying degrees of photo quality, additionally, sometimes people are very nervous after an accident, and they may not take the best picture. Therefore, we recommend taking lots of photos and from multiple sources.

6. Call or TEXT a Tarpon Springs Personal Injury Attorney at 727-847-4878

How to Get Compensation for your Personal Injury:

In order to get compensation for your injuries in Florida, you must first prove that the injury was the other person’s fault. There are multiple aspects to proving someone else injured you, but the first one has to do with a legal term known as duty.

Duty is defined as a legal obligation which is imposed on an individual requiring adherence to a standard of reasonable care while performing any acts that could foreseeably harm others. It is the first element that must be established to proceed with an action in negligence.First, you have to prove that the other party had a duty not to injure you but failed to in that duty, failure of that duty is directly related to your injured and you suffered damages.

What Are Damages and what kind of Damages Pertain to Injury Cases?

Medical expenses:

    Medical expenses are based on both actual costs (past and present) as well as, projected costs pertaining to your treatment.

Lost Wages:

    Lost wages are calculated based on the money you would have received from your employment had you not had to miss work. Additionally, time spent commuting to and fro from your medical treatment, is also factor into lost wages.

Property Damage:

    If anything that you owned was damaged during the incident, then you can sue for the loss or damage done to that property. Usually, property damage is most often a result of automobile accidents in Tarpon Springs, but it not limited to motor vehicle accidents.

Domestic care:

    If you need to employ someone to handle your domestic work (household chores, yardwork, etc.) then the money spent on that person can be recouped through damages.

Emotional Distress:

    A negative emotional reaction including fear, anger, anxiety, and suffering experienced by the victim of an injury.

Loss of Consortium:

    Interference with your family relationships due to the injury.

Miscellaneous Costs:

    Any other cost that was incurred as a result of the injury.

Our Accolades

Although for us, our accomplishments, awards and recognition don’t supersede the needs of our clients, they do however serve as testimony to how dedicated and focused we are on representing out clients.

Listed below are just a few of the many accolades we have earned throughout the years:

Inc. 5000 – Kemp, Ruge & Green Law Group was named as one of the fastest growing privately owned companies each of the past 2 years. Moreover, we are the only personal injury law firm in Tarpon Springs (actually, the entire state of Florida) to have accomplished this achievement.

2014 Bright House Regional Small Business of the Year Top 10 Finalist – Our law firm was also included in the top ten most stable, innovative, and visionary businesses in the entire Tampa area. Furthermore, we were the only law firm to have been mentioned in the top 10.

Million Dollar and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum – These are highly distinguished forums only 1% of all lawyers are admitted to nationwide. Our legal team consists of personal injury attorneys who have helped resolve cases that involved settlements or verdicts exceeding $1 million and $2 million respectively.

Our Tarpon Springs personal injury lawyers are some of the most gifted professionals in the area. Their compassion for justice, attention to client-details and responsiveness are qualities you will want in the lawyer you hire.

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