Conner Preserve in Land O’ Lakes, FL: A Beautiful Place to Visit

Visiting Conner Preserve in Land O’ Lakes, FL, is a great way to spend the day. Conner Preserve offers over 10 miles of trails that visitors can explore on their own or with professional guides. Conner Preserve has many different plants and animals living there and beautiful views of lakes and ponds. Visitors will enjoy walking through the preserve and spotting all of the natural beauty it has to offer. Learn more here.

Conners Preserve in Land O’ Lakes, FL, is home to many different animal species. Some common animals you will see are rabbits, alligators, foxes, snakes, moles, slugs, crickets, frogs, lizards, butterflies, fish. You may even be able to spot a bald eagle if you are lucky! Other plants that live within this habitat include magnolia trees, palmettos, saw palmettos, live oaks, wax myrtles. Conner Preserve is a beautiful place to visit and explore in Land O’ Lakes, FL. Learn more about A Place to Play: Land O’ Lakes Recreation Complex in Land O’ Lakes, FL.

The Conner Preserve is located off of Northcliffe Blvd in Land O’ Lakes, FL. This preserve has several trails that wind through the wetlands and woodlands on the eastern shore of Little Connoquenessing Creek near its confluence with Black Walnut Run. The trail system here takes advantage of somewhat steep terrain to provide both excellent views of creekside habitat as well as an up-close look at the mature trees within this woodland, including Hackberry, American Beech, White Birch, and Tulip trees, among others.

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