How to Know When to Say No

When a person is injured in a car accident, the best idea is to hire the best car accident lawyer. An excellent car accident lawyer has seen all these things and is not surprised. They are adequately prepared and will save you a lot of grief and money. Learn information about Trinity, FL.

Your Own Insurance Company

Sometimes your own insurance company makes it difficult to get your car repaired.   Most people don’t read their car insurance policy.  There may be conditions in your policy that you aren’t aware of. Discover facts about Car Accident Lawyers Are Amazing People.


Or your deductible might be way higher than you thought it was. Or the deductibles apply in only specific situations.  And there you are, unable to earn money because of your injuries, and you need your car, but you can’t pay the deductible.

Your experienced car accident lawyer at Kemp, Ruge & Green has been there before. They are familiar with all the requirements in typical Florida car insurance policies.  They can work with your insurance company and at least find you a way to get to your medical appointments while they sort out all the other details.

The Opposing Insurance Company

Your Tampa car accident lawyer is worth their weight in gold. You will be protected from unscrupulous tactics. The opposing insurance company attorneys may try to get you to admit fault and sign a document saying you won’t sue for damages.  

Your Settlement

Worst of all, without your own personal Tampa car accident attorney, the opposing insurance company may talk you into accepting a settlement that is far from fair.  

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