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Bankruptcy Law

Why Hire An Attorney for your Tampa Bankruptcy?

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, then the idea of incurring another expense seems dreadful. We understand. However, hiring an experienced Tampa Bankruptcy Attorney can save you thousands (if not more) in the long run. Attorney Todd Dean explains the importance of having legal counsel to help you navigate your bankruptcy filing.

“For the uninitiated, the legal process is somewhat daunting and complicated. Hiring a bankruptcy attorney ensure that all the information that is needed to file is gathered, and all the information is transmitted to the courts that is required, as well.

That attorney can provide you legal advice as to a certain amount of asset protection, what to put in your schedules and so forth. Not to say that everybody absolutely, positively needs an attorney. There are some who are exceptionally sophisticated, who are not lawyers, who can assist you, but, when you get right down to brass tax, you can only get legal advice from an attorney. So, that is whay you would want to hire an attorney.”

About Bankruptcy:

Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding by which people who are not able to meet their financial obligations can wipe the slate clean. Typically, filing bankruptcy quickly stops your creditors from pursuing you to collect debts. According to statistics provided by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, there were nearly 1.6 million bankruptcy filings in 2010. The average age of someone filing bankruptcy was 38.

Types Of Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 is known as “straight” bankruptcy or “liquidation.”

Chapter 11, known as “reorganization,” is used by businesses and a few individual debtors with very substantial debts.

Chapter 12 is reserved for family farmers.

Chapter 13 is known as “debt adjustment.”

Filing For Bankruptcy May…

  • Save your home and assets
  • Eliminate credit card debt
  • Stop creditor calls and harassment

Contact An Attorney About Filing For Bankruptcy

If you are overwhelmed by debt, and trying to decide if filing a bankruptcy is the right option for you, contact the Law Group of Kemp, Ruge & Green. Speaking with the attorneys with Kemp, Ruge & Green will enable you to make an informed decision about your financial future.

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