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Chapter 7 bankruptcy helps you eliminate as many bills as possible and start moving forward from your debt.

Did you know Chapter 7 bankruptcy is helping thousands of Florida residents shed their debt forever? Chapter 7 bankruptcy, also known as straight or liquidation bankruptcy, reduces or eliminates overwhelming debt so you can get a fresh start on your finances.

During a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will work with your Tampa Bay bankruptcy attorney and a court trustee to list your assets and liquidate as many of them as possible. This creates a pool of funds that will satisfy your creditors, minus any Florida exemptions for which you may qualify.

Your bankruptcy attorney can help you navigate this process and ensure it resolves in your favor. While certain debts cannot be discharged by Chapter 7 bankruptcy, like alimony, back taxes and most student loans, you’ll find that the process frees you from most other types of crushing debt.

Medical bills and credit card bills, for example, can often be wiped out completely by Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Car loans, private loans, store credit cards, past due memberships and other types of debt can also be resolved during a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

If you are hounded by creditors calling you at all hours, sending letters, emailing, texting and otherwise disrupting your life, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can come as a huge relief by stopping these collection efforts. In fact, if they continue to bother you after you file for bankruptcy, they could be in violation of the law, so speak to your bankruptcy attorney immediately of the communication is continuing.

Kemp, Ruge & Green Law Group is the legal partner you can trust to help you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We serve Tampa Bay and the surrounding area from six convenient locations, including Pasco, Clearwater, Hernando, Westshore, Tampa and Carrolwood. We are dedicated to treating every client with care and respect, and we are fully qualified to help you handle a bankruptcy in the state of Florida.


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“Kemp, Ruge & Green Law Group was fantastic with handling my auto injury case. They were there for me and my family throughout the whole horrible ordeal. They assisted with everything from helping me get a rental car, getting my car fixed and helping me find the best medical care so I could heal. They assured me that they would handle all the details so I could focus on getting better and getting my life back to normal. Attorney Alyssa Ruge was able to recover more than we ever expected and my Paralegal, Sommer St. Croix, was awesome. Sommer was always available to answer any questions I had and she has a wonderful, caring personality that put me at ease whenever I needed assistance.”

-Andrea Delp

“Natalie made the whole process stress-free as possible. Really impressed by how professional and kind-hearted she is.”

-zero Cap

Tampa Bay’s very own Kemp, Ruge & Green is known far and wide for excellent client satisfaction based on testimonials like these from our previous clients. We provide bankruptcy assistance for people who need help sorting out their finances and settling their debts. We will treat you with personal care and total dedication, which is why our clients are so enthusiastic about sharing their praise for our services. Take a look at the top lawyer directory services in the United States, and you’ll see us listed among the best providers of legal services in Florida.

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It’s normal to have lots of questions about the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process and wonder what will happen to your car, home, personal property and more. Kemp, Ruge & Green understands your uncertainty and is here to answer your questions with patience and care.

We respect people who file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy because you are making a difficult, proactive and responsible choice that clears up your finances and rebuilds your financial status. When you need us, we’re here for legal advice and support that will give you the best possible outcome.


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If you are constantly worried about your debt, you’re not alone. The American Psychological Association finds that 72% of Americans feel stressed about money and 22% say they feel constant extreme stress over their finances. It’s no wonder, because the average U.S. household has a staggering $134,643 in debt.

Perhaps you are worried about being unable to pay all the medical bills that are piling up. In that case, you’re like 66% of people who file for bankruptcy due to high medical costs. Medical bills are the #1 cause of new bankruptcy filings in the U.S.

You may also be worried about the payments on an expensive car, getting behind after losing your job or being sued by someone due to your inability to make payments on a loan. If you have concerns like these, talk to Kemp, Ruge & Green immediately about using Chapter 7 bankruptcy to satisfy these debts and get a fresh start.

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You Deserve Kemp, Ruge & Green – Tampa Bay Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers

You deserve a debt-free future and a fresh start on your finances. Debt is nothing to be ashamed of. Let us help you take a positive step forward with the help of Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

We are the Tampa Bay Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers who help people shed their debt and get back on track. Contact Kemp, Ruge & Green to learn more about the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process and its benefits for your finances.

Our bankruptcy attorneys can help you navigate the complex Florida bankruptcy system and provide everything the bankruptcy court needs to handle your case smoothly and quickly.

Reach out to us if you live in the Tampa Bay region, including Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, Hernando, Spring Hill, St. Petersburg, and Tarpon Springs. From our first interaction with you, you’ll be able to see our personal dedication to helping people eliminate debt and stabilize their finances through bankruptcy.

We care about you and want to help. You are more than just a client to us. You are a person who is making a bold step forward toward a new financial future.

We’re here for you. Call us, text us and reach out to us today to discuss your bankruptcy options.

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