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Corporate Registration, Structure and Expansion

Starting a new business or trying to manage an existing one can be complicated. We understand that you may be juggling many different tasks, working to please your customers and meet any deadlines associated with your corporation. Our goal is to handle the legal details so you can put your attention where it belongs: on your products and your customers. With years of experience in the corporate world, our team at Kemp, Ruge, & Green can help you focus on your passion and expand your business, while the Attorneys here handle the legal side of things.

Policy and Procedure Review

Every successful company needs to be able to reproduce the same quality products or services for any customer, while also ensuring that your employees have a clear set of guidelines to follow on a daily basis. Following best practices help ensure that not only does each transaction go the way you envision, but can protect you from potential accusations of wrongdoing by both customer and employee alike. Having clarity and consistency in your policies and procedures will allow you to focus more on growing your business without the fear of a looming lawsuit or unknown risk. Let the team here at Kemp, Ruge & Green make sure you are covered on all fronts and give you the confidence you need to focus on running your business.

Risk Analysis

Starting or maintaining a business comes with risks both anticipated and unforeseen. The last thing a fledgling or thriving company needs is to fall victim to something you did not see coming. From reviewing your assets, and how those assets could be compromised, to coming up with an action plan to protect you from the legal risks of doing business in an increasingly litigious environment, the attorneys at Kemp, Ruge & Green have years of experience in assessing risk in the corporate world. Let us focus on protecting your business, while you focus on continued success and expansion.

Contract Review and Negotiation

When entering into any agreement, it is always a good idea to have a lawyer involved to make sure you get the best deal possible. Whether you need a review of the master agreements for your customer base, or help negotiating an agreement with vendors, contractors, employees and the like, our attorneys have years of experience ensuring that their clients can enter into any agreement with the confidence that they are protected and set up for success.


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