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Juvenile Offenses

When a juvenile is arrested for a criminal offense, they face different criminal procedures than an adult. Minors are impressionable and subject to peer pressure from friends, classmates, even from television. They may make errors in judgment. Sometimes it’s simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time and being accused of a crime as a result. Children are usually eager to please adults, especially authority figures. You need legal representation before they talk to investigators.

Juvenile Offenses Versus Adult Offenses

In the adult court system, justice is more focused on punishment. Juvenile courts may be more lenient and tend to concentrate on rehabilitation, rather than punishment. Whether charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, juveniles may have an advantage. However, in cases of more significant or severe crimes, prosecutors will frequently attempt to have the case moved to adult court. This makes it vital that a minor acquires a juvenile defense attorney to defend against the attempt to move the case to an adult court.

Even if the case remains in the juvenile court system, that doesn’t mean an automatic exemption against harsh penalties if the minor is convicted. A juvenile crime conviction can involve hefty fines, jail or even prison time, depending on the nature of the offense.

Why You Should Contact An Attorney Experienced With Juvenile Offenses

If a minor is convicted of the sex crime, that child could be forced to register as a sex offender long after he/she is out of the juvenile court system. A juvenile drug conviction could restrict access to college student loans and grants for up to one year. A juvenile criminal record can also limit your child’s future career choices.

The lawyers with the Kemp, Ruge & Green Law Group are prepared to defend your child’s rights. Kemp, Ruge & Green attorneys are experienced defending against the numerous strategies that police and prosecutors may use to try to secure a juvenile conviction. Protect your child against a juvenile offense charge and protect their future.

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