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Family Law

After deciding upon pursuing a divorce, the first question everyone needs to be answered is “do I need an attorney?” Attorney Scott Finelli lays out the reasons why an attorney is a major asset for you and how hiring one can protect you, your family and your future:

Do I need a Tampa Family Law Attorney?

Attorney Scott Finelli:

“I think it is absolutely crucial when you are faced with a divorce that you hire an attorney. First of all, to navigate through the legal system is very complex and complicated, and it is very easy to miss something or to lose a right. If there is something that you are entitled to, be it money from a retirement fund or something of that nature, it is imperative that you have an attorney for that sort of thing.

Nothing is worse than (and I have gotten these types of phone calls before) where somebody has called me up and said “hey, I just signed a settlement agreement, but I do not like something about it. What can you do?” And, I have to tell them that, “unfortunately, at this point, it is too late to do anything.” And, they likely gave up a lot of rights to something they could have had, had they spent the money on hiring an attorney. So, do not think of it as money poorly spent, because in actuality, you could be saving yourself thousands of dollars in the long run.”

How to choose a Divorce Attorney in Tampa?

After weighing the options, if you choose to hire a Tampa area divorce attorney, you will need to consider the various factors and tendencies that make the attorney you hire, the right fit for you, your family, and your needs. Attorney Finelli lays out the characteristics he believes make a highly qualified and professional family law lawyer, and he also explains his approach to handling family law matters.

Attorney Scott Finelli:

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a divorce attorney in Florida. One of them is, of course, looking at the experience of the lawyer that you are looking to hire. If you have certain issues in your divorce csae, that this attorney has experience in handling, I think that is very crucial. In some cases, divorce can get very complex. It’s not a simple matter of dividing a house, getting some time-sharing with the children, and a 401k. Sometimes it can be things like valuing a business or what sort of future income is going to be and making some sort of projection with regard to alimony or something of that nature. Thus, it is very important to look at an attorney’s prior experience in handling those kinds of matters when considering a divorce attorney.

I think it’s also about personality as well. I know that oftentimes there is a premium put on whether or not the attorney is “aggressive.” My personal opinion about that is that aggression is not always a good thing. Sometimes if you’re too aggressive you’ll push the other party in the other direction, rather than seeking a favorable resolution that would be good for both parties. So, that’s certainly something to consider when choosing a good attorney.”

Our Family Background and Philosophy:

At Kemp, Ruge & Green Law Group, we are committed to helping individuals and families through their family law issues. Our firm proudly serves those dealing with family disputes and divorce throughout the Tampa Bay area. We understand that there are many different ways that families can find themselves in negative circumstances that require the help of a knowledgeable divorce attorney.

Dealing with legal issues is never a simple task, but when the situation involves family, the dilemma is taken to a whole new level. These situations require careful sensitivity and a proper approach from a family law attorney. Family law issues can lead to negative consequences that can at times affect the remainder of an entire life.

We understand the impact that a divorce can have on a family. It is our responsibility to protect your family’s rights and help you through each step of the process. Ending a marriage is a difficult process and every precaution should be made to ensure equitable property division and that child custody matters are handled in the best interest of your children.

Having an experienced divorce attorney by your side can improve the situation, ensuring that the process is made as simple as possible. We understand that each client deserves honesty and respect. We will always keep you informed on the hard facts of your case, never giving you false promises or unrealistic expectations. We believe in being straightforward, while at the same time having a high level of compassion for our clients and their situation.

As you search for a Tampa divorce attorney, it is important to remember that divorce is a legal matter. Divorcing couples often forget how important a serious discussion of alimony and child support is since it is often seen as a personal matter between two individuals. These issues should be settled prior to the point when the judge makes the final decision. Making such important decisions at the last minute can only prove to be dangerous, especially considering that high stress levels can cause people to lose their ability to think clearly. This is why it is very important to retain a divorce attorney who can help you understand the ramifications of each decision.

Our philosophy has always been to treat our clients with the utmost respect and care throughout their entire divorce process. Even if you and your significant other simply wish to take precautions, we can help you establish a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement that you can both guiltlessly sign. Our firm can help you and your spouse come to an agreement to prevent trouble in the future if divorce does arise.

We want to make sure that families are able to come out of this situation with a feeling of hope toward the future. If children are involved, there may be a serious amount of unavoidable stress involved. When it comes to determining child custody and a parenting plan, it can be a very daunting task. It is our desire that you and your spouse are able to come to an agreement concerning the most important aspects of your divorce. We can help you pursue divorce in a manner that protects each individual’s rights.

There are certain unique situations that require a greater amount of assistance when it comes to divorce and family law. After a divorce, our firm can help you apply for a modification of child custody or alimony if your financial situation changes. If a job opportunity pushes you and your child to a different location, we can help you pursue an arrangement to relocate. Our firm has the credentials to help you and your family through a wide range of family law situations in the Tampa area. Contact us today for your free consultation: 727-847-4878 or simply fill out the contact form below.