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Providing Probate Administration and Legal Assistance After the Death of a Loved One

After the loss of someone you love, you’re left with so much grief and so many questions. How should the estate be handled? Who will take charge? How can you make sure their assets are distributed as intended?

In the state of Florida, when a deceased person leaves assets titled in their name, the matter will go to probate court. The word “probate” means, “the official proving of a last will and testament as genuine.” This is a legal process where probate assets are established and assigned to the proper beneficiaries and heirs.

During probate, the deceased person’s creditors and others with a claim to their assets will come forward to request a distribution of money. A probate lawyer will help you understand this process and follow the proper steps under the law.

Probate assets may include, but are not limited to, assets like:

  • Bank accounts
  • Investment accounts
  • Life insurance policies
  • Individual retirement accounts
  • Real estate

Your probate lawyer will help you address any claims and wrap up the probate period as efficiently as possible. Probate costs are typically not paid directly by you. Rather, they come from the estate and are a small fraction of the total value.

Family members and friends of the deceased often have questions about wills, titles, assets and other aspects of probate and the administration of an estate. They may wonder whether probate is even necessary. Your probate attorney will examine the individual circumstances and determine what course should be taken under the law.

Kemp, Ruge & Green Law Group is the legal partner you can trust in Tampa Bay and the surrounding area, to help you with probate administration after the death of a loved one. We care deeply about each of our clients and will provide the guidance and support you need during an emotional time.

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“I would highly recommend this law firm. They have handled my cases extremely well and have always treated me as a person and not a client.”

-Keith Malvesti

When you need us after the death of a loved one, we’re here to help with caring and personal probate administration services. Our level of excellent customer service is why our previous clients share so much heartfelt praise. We truly devote ourselves to helping every client during their time of need.

“Amazing staff all the way from the Lawyer to the Paralegal and everything in between. I couldn’t ask for a better process or outcome from a very serious accident that was very difficult to deal with. I am more than happy with everyone that helped me and I would highly recommend this firm for anyone that wants solid and honest representation.”

-Fink Sinatra

Tampa Bay’s probate lawyers Kemp, Ruge & Green have been recognized across the country for excellent client satisfaction based on testimonials like these from previous clients. The nation’s top lawyer service directories list our firm among the best providers of legal services in Florida.

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It’s common to feel confused about probate and the administration of an estate but don’t let it overwhelm you. Even if you are facing pressure from the deceased person’s creditors, business partners, friends and family members, there is a path forward through the probate process.

Whether you live in Pinellas County, Pasco County, Palm Harbor or New Port Rickey, we will stand by your side and help you navigate the process of probate administration with valuable legal advice. Kemp, Ruge & Green attorneys are fully qualified to handle probate administration in the state of Florida and will help you efficiently settle an estate.

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Our mission statement is to relentlessly pursue protecting our clients and improving our community, with respect, communication and service. When you hire our firm, every aspect of your case will be handled according to those words.

Both Martindale-Hubbell and Avvo, two of the leading lawyer directory services, have recognized our firm for excellent client satisfaction. These awards are based solely on the testimonials of previous clients. These clients -much like you- were looking for excellent representation to get them through a rough time. Not only did we provide that for them, we did so in such a way that they wanted others to hear about our great work and how happy they were to have hired us.

We are attorneys that take care of our clients. Additionally, our firm has attorneys who have been inducted into both the Million Dollar and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. This elite group consists of less than one percent of all attorneys nationwide. To be selected to this Forum, an attorney must have served as principal counsel in one or more cases which resulted in a final judgement, award or a settlement in favor of his or her client in the amount of one million dollars or more for the Million Dollar Advocates Forum or two million dollars or more for the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. We have the legal knowledge to ensure you get the best possible outcome for your case.

Lastly, our firm is committed to this community. We have donated to more than 60 different nonprofits, schools, sports teams and other local charities. When you choose us, you choose a firm making a difference in your community.

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If you have questions about the probate administration process, consult with an attorney from Tampa Bay’s own Kemp, Ruge & Green before making any decisions. We’ll provide answers that honor the wishes of the deceased within the boundaries of Florida probate law, such as:

Q: What happens with the will?

A: Generally speaking, if the decedent has left a valid last will and testament, it will be admitted to probate in court. Or, if it is not admitted, it may be ineffective to pass title to the beneficiaries. In either case, work with your probate attorney to understand the terms of the will and how it will affect the heirs and beneficiaries, as well as other parties.

Q: What if there is no will?

A: In the state of Florida, probate is usually still necessary even if there is not a will. This passes ownership of any assets to the right people under state law. In fact, if there is no will it is especially important to seek the help of a probate administration attorney who can help you understand what will happen next.

Q: What if there is a living trust?

A: If there is a revocable living trust, probate may or may not be necessary under Florida law. It depends on how the estate assets were titled. This can be a complex situation and you will need an experienced probate administration lawyer to help you understand the details.

Q: What types of probate administration are there in Florida?

A: There are three general types of probate administration: formal administration, summary administration and disposition without administration. The first two types are court-supervised and the third is not. There is also a special process to follow for non-citizens. Consult a probate attorney to clarify which type of probate process will be followed in this specific case.

Q: How much will probate administration cost?

A: Typically no upfront fees are charged for probate administration. The cost comes out of the estate and is usually a small fraction of the total value.

You Deserve Kemp, Ruge & Green – Experienced Probate Attorneys in Tampa Bay

When someone you love is gone, the last thing you need is a slow legal process to carry out their wishes and prolongs your suffering. At Kemp, Ruge & Green we give our clients the kind of support they need during the probate administration process, so things can be resolved as smoothly as possible.

We handle probate administration cases throughout the Tampa Bay region, including Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, Hernando, Spring Hill, St. Petersburg and Tarpon Springs. If you aren’t sure whether your probate situation falls in our area, feel free to contact us for a free consultation and we’ll help you sort through the details.

You can feel comfortable coming to Kemp, Ruge & Green for your probate administration process. To us, you are more than just a client. You are someone facing a very challenging time in your life and we will always treat you with the utmost respect.

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