Seven Springs, Florida: A Haven for Adventure

Seven Springs, Florida, is a small town nestled in the hills of northern Florida. It’s located just an hour’s drive from Tallahassee and two hours from Jacksonville, but Seven Springs has the charm that sets it apart. Seven Springs offers outdoor adventure at every turn – whether you’re looking for hiking trails or kayaking excursions, Seven Springs will have something to offer you. Information can be found here.

In Seven Springs, Florida, you can find a seemingly endless number of things to do. That is because Seven Springs has been ranked as one of the best adventure communities in America by multiple sources. Seven Hills’ most significant attraction for adventurers revolves around its Safari Golf Club and Resort, which houses an alligator habitat that allows guests up-close interactions with these creatures at feeding time. Two 18 hole courses feature some genuinely unique challenges, such as water hazards and sand bunkers. In addition to golfing, there are mountain biking trails, hiking paths, kayaking on Lake Tiger, or taking out motorboats from Seven Lakes Marina across the resort. Seven Lakes Beach & Tennis Center offers swimming pool activities, beach access, and tennis if you want something more relaxing. Seven Hills is also home to the Seven Springs Winery, which offers tours, wine tastings, and even overnight stays in their cottages on site for anyone looking to enjoy a little rest & relaxation while still enjoying all Florida has to offer. See here for information about Lake Fern, Florida: What You Need to Know.

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