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Living here in the Clearwater area of Florida, we have lots of tourists and snow bunnies – people who only visit Florida for a few months in winter, or people who only visit Florida to see the sites and visit the famous amusement parks. Learn more here.

The attorneys at Kemp, Ruge, and Green Law Group in Clearwater are very familiar with this sort of driver. Learn more about Car Accident Attorney Near Me.

Not Paying Attention 

Many of these people don’t know the driving laws in Florida.  Almost all these people are unfamiliar with the Clearwater area’s streets and intersections.  This makes it easier for them to have accidents when they are driving.  

They think they are following the laws, but their focus is on finding their way around and may accidentally pull out in front of someone else.

Or else they are rubber-necking and distracted by what’s around them instead of the car in front of them.

I Need Someone Local to Defend My Rights 

There are so many reasons for a Clearwater resident to need a car accident attorney near them.  The main reason you need a car accident attorney near you is to make sure you get the highest settlement possible. The Florida lawyers at Kemp, Ruge, and Green fight for the rights of Florida accident victims every single day.  

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