The Top-Rated Fun Spots in Tampa, FL

The truth is that Tampa is home to endless fun things to see and do. But there are only two places that anyone should never miss visiting. These spots feature an array of suitable activities for both kids and adults. Learn information about Tampa, FL.

Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens is a 335-acre, African-themed family entertainment and adventure park featuring thrill rides, live music, performances, and many exotic animals in natural habitat settings. You can take a safari to see animals grazing on the plains with reproductions of African villages and camps. The Serengeti Night Safari is one of the most popular options. Several unique animal encounters are available, including the opportunity to hand-feed kangaroos and giraffes. Discover facts about Tampa, FL is Full of Museums.

Florida Aquarium

It’s the biggest aquatic collection in Tampa, and it’s easily one of the best places to go in the city. Tampa’s Florida Aquarium has an exciting variety of animal habitats, exhibits, and activities to educate and entertain all ages. The habitats are arranged to accurately represent a watershed area similar to the Tampa area so that visitors can see the wide variety of fish and ocean life. You’ll have the chance to get hands-on with invertebrates like starfish and anemones and even visit some land-dwelling residents like the lemurs.

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