Why A Car Accident Lawyer May Refuse to Take Your Case

Not all the time will a car accident lawyer take a personal injury claim. And here are just a few reasons why they may decline it. Information can be found here.

Outside of Their Practice Area

An attorney may not take a case they don’t have any experience in. In this situation, it’s good that your case was refused. A reasonable attorney will know their limits and not jeopardize your case outcome to earn a fee. If an attorney you are considering can’t give you some details about their personal experience with your type of case, it’s time to move on to the next name on your list. See here for information about Why A Car Accident Lawyer Prefers Settlement.

Limits on Time

Some law firms get many calls each month from people who were injured. A firm with a high call volume has to weigh the available cases and determine where they will be the most effective. If a law firm fails to communicate with you on time, keep in mind they may be overwhelmed and might not be able to devote the necessary time to your case, even if they tell you the opposite.

You Lack Injuries

Some people go to a personal injury attorney for help when they lack a significant or even minor injury from the accident. Maybe they’re just struggling with the insurance company or feel their case is worth more. To receive compensation for your car accident, you must be able to prove an injury exists.

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