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At the Kemp, Ruge & Green Law Group, it’s easy to sum up what we do: We help people.

  • When someone is injured, we help to make them financially whole again.
  • When someone is arrested, we help to ensure his or her rights are protected.
  • When someone goes through a divorce, we help him or her put the pieces back together.
  • When someone files for bankruptcy, we help him or her get a fresh start without the burden of past debt.

We’ve been helping people since 2008, and we’re ready to help you.

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Client Endorsements

  • “After being hit by a distracted driver, I found myself overwhelmed by doctor visits, insurance companies, and paperwork. That’s when I sought out the assistance of attorney Stacy Kemp and her team. It was obvious from the very beginning that they had my best interest in mind. I can whole-heartedly recommend attorney Stacy Kemp and her law group to anyone else in need of legal representation.” – Ereni Fotopoulos
  • “After my car accident, I kept getting pressured by the other driver’s insurance company to sign a bunch of stuff and take a settlement. I thought they were trying to low-ball me, but I didn’t know what to do. A friend of mine told me about this firm, and hiring them was a major help. They got the insurance company off my back. This firm takes good care of its clients.” – Joel Hutson
  • “This Law Group has truly changed my perception of seeking advice and assistance from an attorney. I was in a small fender bender that turned into a huge ordeal. When I contacted Kemp & Ruge they were so helpful, honest, and comforting. I will be referring them to everyone I know.” – Amy Lewellyn


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