The BEST Tampa Area Quarantine Resources and Financial Assistance

March 26, 2020

Key Points of This Article : The coronavirus pandemic has reached Florida and the Tampa area.The quarantine has left many Tampa-area families without resources.If you need food, a job, and other basics, here are some helpful options. “Stay calm. Stay kind. Stay safe.” This is the new motto of the City of Tampa during the coronavirus pandemic. It shows the city’s dedication to...


How to File a Lawsuit for Negligent Security

March 9, 2020

KeyPoints of This Article: In Florida, property owners can be held responsible for failing to protect people from hazards.Negligent security cases involve suing a property owner after you were injured due to their negligence.The most important part of filing this type of lawsuit is to select a qualified lawyer who can help you skillfully build your case. Imagine living in an apartment compl...


Do I Still Have an Auto Accident Case if I am Found Partially at Fault?

March 3, 2020

Key Points of This Article: Florida law uses the concept of pure comparative fault.Each person in an auto accident can receive a percentage of the blame and you could receive compensation even if you are partially at fault.Due to the statute of limitations, always consult a Florida auto accident attorney as soon as possible to see if you have a case for recovering compensation. Are you ...


Tampa’s Talking Cars and What It Means For You

March 1, 2020

Image: US DOT Tampa is one of three areas selected for an exciting new program that allows certain vehicles to communicated with each other. Safety advocates are always looking for ways to make vehicles safer and prevent accidents.One current use of technology allows cars to talk to one another, as well as to signs and traffic lights. Soon, several types of vehicles in Tampa will be able t...


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