News: Driver ran through red light in Clearwater car crash, police say

CLEARWATER, FL – Police say a collision that injured four people in Clearwater Thursday occurred when one of the drivers ran a red light, according to Fox 13 News.

Investigators determined that a 29-year-old man driving a Chevrolet went through the red traffic signal in the vicinity of Eastland Boulevard and McMullen Booth Road at about 11 a.m. The vehicle was then hit by a Toyota SUV that was heading south with a green light.

The Chevrolet driver suffered injuries that were considered life-threatening and was rushed to St. Joseph’s Hospital. Three people in the SUV sustained minor injuries, the 34-year-old female driver and two children ages and 11 and 12.

Police shut down all lanes of McMullen Booth Road following the wreck before the roadway reopened later in the day.

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